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Introduction to Catia Sketcher workbench: Explanation about sketch environment, tools and how to create 2d sketches. Explanation about sketch constraints and function features. Part design workbench: Explanation about part design workbench, orientation, features and how to create 3D parts. Explanation about sketch Base feature. Dress up and Transformation features. Explanation about BOOLEAN OPERATIONS. Assembly design workbench: Explanation about assembly design workbench environment, orientation, features and its types. Explanation Bottom up and Top down assemblies. Explanation about assembly constraints bill of materials & space analysis. Drafting workbench: Explanation about Drafting workbench environment, orientation & features. Explanation about how to inserts different views & dimensioning.

Course Duration

80 hrs

Course Fees

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After Completion Of Final Test

Surface Modeling: Explanation about surface design workbench types environment, orientation and features. Explanation about generative shape design workbench. Sheet Metal Modeling: Sheet Metal design workbench: Explanation about Sheet Metal design workbench environment orientation, features and Explanation about sheet metal features like bending, punching, stamping and reliefs.


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