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An ISO Certified Government Registered Vocational Education and Skill Development Training Organization. VND INSTITUTE NIELIT ACCREDITATION CODE O 3250


Introduction History Features Setting up path Working with Python Basic Syntax Variable and Data Types Operator

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Conditional Statements If If- else Nested if-else Looping For While Nested loops Control Statements Break Continue Pass String Manipulation Accessing Strings Basic Operations String slices Function and Methods Lists Introduction Accessing list Operations Working with lists Function and Methods

Tuple Introduction Accessing tuples Operations Working Functions and Methods Dictionaries Introduction Accessing values in dictionaries Working with dictionaries Properties Functions Functions Defining a function Calling a function Types of functions Function Arguments Anonymous functions Global and local variables

Modules Importing module Math module Random module Packages Composition Input-Output Printing on screen Reading data from keyboard Opening and closing file Reading and writing files Functions Exception Handling Exception Exception Handling Except clause Try ? finally clause User Defined Exceptions

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